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Does Your Business Need an Emergency Ready Profile?

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

According to the Insurance Information Institute, up to 40% of businesses never reopen after experiencing a disaster.  Also, another 25% of businesses fail within one year after the disaster has occurred. These are alarming statistics. The businesses that do recover from disasters are the ones that had proper preparation and planning in place. Shouldn’t your business be one of them?

Nobody wants to think about the things that could go wrong but a lack of planning can have serious consequences. Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation and minimal down time for your business. SERVPRO of Fairfield County offers a no cost assessment of your facility to help you start planning. This Emergency Ready Profile is a start up approach that provides the critical information needed to begin mitigation and recovery services. It is designed to serve as a quick reference of important contact and building information and can be customized to meet your business needs. Some advantages of the SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile include:

  • A no cost assessment of your facility.
  • A concise Profile Document that contains only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency.
  • A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster.
  • Establishes your local SERVPRO Franchise Professional as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider, if you so choose.
  • Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin.
  • Provides facility details such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.

We serve Fairfield County; call us today at 740-756-7003 to schedule a free assessment of your facility so that you can be “ready for whatever happens!”