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Preparedness on a Budget

12/4/2019 (Permalink)

Building an emergency supply kit can be a challenge, especially for those that are pinching every penny. However, you can still build a kit without breaking your budget! Check out these tips below to get started.

Creating an Emergency Supply Kit on a Budget

1. START NOW! Take small steps now so that you can be ready!

2. Make a plan with your family and neighbors for what to do when disaster strikes. Go to to download a Family Emergency Plan.

3. Check your insurance policy and make necessary changes to stay protected.

4. Update your contact information. Make sure you have the correct information for your family, friends, and neighbors so that you can stay in contact and let people know you’re okay.

5. Make a ready list– we’ve started this one for you on the other side! Think about what you might need that isn’t included on our list or things that we have that don’t fit your needs and plan accordingly.

6. Try to purchase your supply kit items when they are on sale.

7. Don’t buy everything at once (unless you want to) and you won’t notice the cost as much.

8. Create a plan for when you will purchase your supplies rather than impulse buying right before a big storm is about to hit.

9. You don’t need to buy fancy bottled water for your kit. Just make sure that your containers are airtight and clean.

10. Ask for emergency supply kit items as gifts for your next birthday rather than getting thing you don’t need.

11. Stay in rather than going out for just one night. The money you would have spent on dinner and a movie could go towards your supply kit instead.

Those of us at SERVPRO of Fairfield County hope that these tips are beneficial to you!

For all of your disaster restoration needs, please call (740)756-7003

It's GRILLING Season!!!!

7/7/2017 (Permalink)

It's GRILLING Season!!


Who’s hungry for some burgers? I know we are here at SERVPRO of Fairfield County!!! 

Before you get your grilling on there’s some important things to keep in mind with grills. Grills pose a unique risk especially when dealing with propane tanks. For instance, “Check the gas tank hose for leaks before using it for the first time each year. Apply a light soap and water solution to the hose. A propane leak will release bubbles. If your grill has a gas leak, by smell or the soapy bubble test, and there is no flame, turn off both the gas tank and the grill. If the leak stops, get the grill serviced by a professional before using it again. If the leak does not stop, call the fire department. If you smell gas while cooking, immediately get away from the grill and call the fire department. Do not move the grill.”

Also to prevent fires it’s important to “Keep your grill clean by removing grease or fat buildup from the grills and in trays below the grill.” 

For more tips to keep you safe while grilling delicious BBQ check out:

SERVPRO of Fairfield County. We service all of fairfield county including Pickerington and Lancaster and surrounding communities. Let our professional team do the cleanup with the proper procedures to keep you, your home or company safe.

Ohio Weather Today Is HOT!!

7/6/2017 (Permalink)


The weather in Ohio today is HOT! What a perfect day to relax at the pool! While pools are a great way to keep cool this summer they can also pose some safety risks. Brushing up on some of these tips will keep your family safe this summer while beating the heat.

  • “If you are putting in a new pool, hot tub, or spa be sure the wiring is performed by an electrician experienced in the special safety requirements for these types of installations. 
  • Outdoor receptacles must have covers that keep them dry even when appliances are plugged into them.
  • Ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are special devices designed to protect against electric shock and electrocution. They are required for most pool, spa or hot tub equipment. They may be in the form of an outlet or a circuit breaker. Test the GFCIs monthly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.”

For more information, please continue reading at:

SERVPRO of Fairfield County is here to help if needed. We service Lancaster, Pickerington, Carroll and the surrounding communities. Let our professional team do the cleanup with the proper procedures to keep you, your home or company safe.

4th Of July Safety Tips

6/21/2017 (Permalink)

“Now is the time of year when we have cook outs, and sometimes those will often include fireworks. Whether you are setting them off, or attending a fireworks show, here are some important tips to follow. FIREWORKS SAFETY The safest way to enjoy fireworks is to attend a public fireworks show put on by professionals. Stay at least 500 feet away from the show. Many states outlaw most fireworks. If someone is setting fireworks off at home, they should follow these safety steps:

Never give fireworks to small children, and always follow the instructions on the packaging.

Keep a supply of water close by as a precaution.

Make sure the person lighting fireworks always wears eye protection.

Light only one firework at a time and never attempt to relight "a dud."

Store fireworks in a cool, dry place away from children and pets.”

For more information, please continue reading at:

Is Your Air Conditioner Ready For Summer?

5/25/2017 (Permalink)

During these hot summer days, escaping into your home to enjoy the A/C can be a real teat. Before you crank the A/C this summer, here are some steps to take first. “Before you start tinkering with the system, it's important to understand the basics of how it works. Central air consists of three main parts: the condenser, the blower unit, and the ductwork.

The condenser is the large outdoor unit that is probably tucked behind your garage. Its role is to manage the temperature of the refrigerant, usually Freon, which travels back and forth from the house. The condenser does this by pressurizing the Freon gas as it arrives, turning it into a high-temperature liquid. The Freon in its new state then travels back to the house and to the blower unit.”

For more information, please continue reading at:

Cleanliness At Home

5/22/2017 (Permalink)

“You may have detected subtle hints that something might by awry: a persistent cough that seems related to the musty smell in your basement, the dastardly scent lingering on your hands after using the kitchen sponge, mysterious-looking paint flakes exposed deep beneath the top layer.

The good news about potential health hazards around the house is that they are easy to uncover, and relatively inexpensive to correct. And the mental benefits of being proactive about these dangers are abundant. No more sleepless nights, and no more wondering whether your child is bathing in water that flowed through lead pipes. These are some of the most common–and easiest to correct–household hazards that may be lingering in your home.

  1. Kitchen Sponges

The sad truth is that unless you’re diligent about sanitizing them often, kitchen sponges often carry more germs than toilet seats. According to Kenneth Bock’s The Germ Survival Guide, sponges can harbor more than 100,000 bacteria, including food-borne diseases that you’ve wiped off the counter. You should (very regularly) toss them in the dishwasher, replace them, or zap them in the microwave for two minutes.”

Please continue reading this article at:

Home Assistance For Veterans

5/18/2017 (Permalink)

“HUD-VASH is a collaborative program between HUD and VA combines HUD housing vouchers with VA supportive services to help Veterans who are homeless and their families find and sustain permanent housing.

Through public housing authorities, HUD provides rental assistance Through public housing authorities, HUD provides rental assistance vouchers for privately owned housing to Veterans who are eligible for VA health care services and are experiencing homelessness. VA case managers may connect these Veterans with support services such as health care, mental health treatment and substance use counseling to help them in their recovery process and with their ability to maintain housing in the community. Among VA homeless continuum of care programs, HUD-VASH enrolls the largest number and largest percentage of Veterans who have experienced long-term or repeated homelessness. As of Sept. 30, 2015, HUD had allocated more than 78,000 vouchers to help house Veterans across the country.”

For more information, please continue reading at:

Cleaning Workspace

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Is your work space clean?  Do you know what can happen if your work space is not clean? 

“Here are some results of poor housekeeping practices:

  • Injuries, when employees trip, fall, strike or are struck by out-of-place objects;
  • Injuries from using improper tools because the correct tool can't be found;
  • Lowered production because of the time spent maneuvering over and around someone else's mess, and time spent looking for proper tools and materials;
  • Time spent investigating and reporting accidents that could have been avoided;
  • Fires due to improper storage and disposal of flammable or combustible materials and wastes;
  • Substandard quality of finished products because of production schedule delays, damaged or defective finishes, ill-equipped employees, etc.;
  • Lack of future work due to a reputation for poor quality;
  • "Wall-to-wall" OSHA inspections due to the "first impression" of the compliance officer.”

Please continue reading the online article located at:

Weather Fronts

5/8/2017 (Permalink)

The weather reports can be confusing if you do not know what the terms mean.  This morning watching the weather on the TV, they were discussing cold fronts.  What exactly is a cold front?  Looking on the internet, we came across this website: and found our answer.  Here is part of the online article.  Please be sure to click the link to read the entire article.

“A cold front is a warm-cold air boundary with the colder air replacing the warmer. As a cold front moves into an area, the heavier cool air pushes under the lighter warm air that it is replacing. The warm air becomes cooler as it rises. If the rising air is humid enough, the water vapor it contains will condense into clouds and precipitation may fall. As the cold front moves, warm, moist unstable air is usually replaced by cold, dry stable air.”

IICRC Certified Firm

5/1/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Fairfield County is an IICRC firm. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) create the standards for the restoration industry and provides training and certification to restoration companies. IICRC Certified Firms have the right to display the IICRC Certified Logo.

IICRC Certified Firms must

• Present accurate information to consumers and conduct business with honesty and integrity.

• Require a technician on all jobs who has been formally trained and passed all required tests.

• Require a continuing education program to keep technicians up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.

• Maintain liability insurance to protect all parties in the event of an accident.

• Maintain a written complaint policy and agree to Better Business Bureau or similar arbitration to resolve disputes, and accept the conclusions and recommendations of arbitration.

The IICRC Develops The Standards For The Restoration Industry

The IICRC has been the driving force in establishing the main industry standards and reference guides for professional carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and mold remediation. These IICRC standards take years to develop and require the coordination of experts in the field: manufacturers, industry organizations, insurance professionals, training schools, contractors, and public health professionals.

Every five years, the standards are reviewed and updated. The water damage restoration field changes rapidly with advancements in technology and science, and therefore the standards must evolve to keep pace.

About SERVPRO of Fairfield County

SERVPRO of Fairfield County specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration and we are an IICRC Certified Firm. We believe in continuous training: from initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Wood Flooring

4/26/2017 (Permalink)

Wood floors require extra care, but that doesn't mean you should mop yours every week. Wet-clean no more than 1-2 months to maximize your floor's longevity....

After a water damage this is especially true and may require resurfacing your floor to return it to its previous condition. A trained water restoration technician with the proper equipment can restore most quality hardwood floors to its natural moisture content in a timely manner limiting the need to replace the affected flooring.

Every situation has its own set of unique challenges and knowing the best tool for the job is what we at SERVPRO of Fairfield County consider a welcome task... Some flooring is manufactured using man made and natural materials these types of floors are often considered non-salvageable. Which means that it will not return to it's previous condition.

Trust the professionals at SERVPRO of Fairfield County to care for your wood floors in the proper way no matter what type of material it is.

Weather Terms

4/11/2017 (Permalink)

Spring season has arrived in Ohio.  There are many terms issued by the National Weather Service (NWS) you will here on the radio or TV.  News Net 5 in Cleveland posted on their website a guide that defines these terms.  We listed a few below, but recommend you click on the link to continue reading more of the information they provided:

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH - Severe weather has the potential to occur. You should *watch out* for bad weather to happen. Watches are typically issued before any thunderstorms develop, and are issued for a longer period of time (6-8 hours on average).
While a Watch does not mean bad weather will happen for sure, it means the conditions could rapidly change and the atmosphere is primed for severe weather. This could mean things like hail, straight-line wind gusts and even flooding.  

SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING - This is your call to action, to do something. Severe weather has been spotted or about to happen and it could impact you. Warnings cover a smaller geographic area and are usually only issued for small chunks of time (on average, 20-30 minutes).”

We are here to help!!!!! SERVPRO of Fairfield County 740-756-7003

Importance of Homeowners Insurance In An Uninhabited Home

4/6/2017 (Permalink)

Many people think that since they are not living in a home that they own, it is not important to keep active insurance on the property.

 Maybe they think that since they have moved all of their contents out, it is no longer important?

 The fact is, there are several reasons why your home needs to protected with a homeowners policy.  Often times in the winter people tend to turn their heat down in order to keep costs down, and this is often in a home that they do not visit daily. This is a recipe for disaster. This could lead to pipes freezing and potentially leaking or bursting (Warning:  not maintaining utilities could also cause the insurance company to deny a claim

Make sure you understand your policy terms before you purchase).

 SERVPRO of Fairfield County can be reached at 740-756-7003.

Spring Cleaning!

3/31/2017 (Permalink)

Its that time of year to begin spring cleaning!  Where to start has always been overwhelming, so after searching online, we found this online article at:  Click on the link to read the entire article.  We hope it inspires you too on where to start!

  1. "The best refrigerator cleaner is a combination of salt and soda water. The bubbling action of the soda water combines with the abrasive texture of the salt to make a great cleaner.
  2. The best way to get rid of lime buildup around the faucet it is to lay paper towels over the fixture, soak it with vinegar and let it set for an hour. The deposits will soften and become easier to remove.
  3. Clean screens with a scrap of carpeting. It makes a powerful brush that removes all the dirt.
  4. Clean windows with a rag and soapy water, and then dry them with another rag. You can also go to an auto-parts store and buy a windshield squeegee, which cleans very well..."

Deductible Questions

3/30/2017 (Permalink)

When SERVPRO of Fairfield County is called to a home or business to clean up from a broken pipe, water back up, roof leak or mold clean up (just to name a few examples), sometime there is a deductible to collect.  What exactly is a deductible.  We went to the Farmer Insurance website for a explanation.

"What is a deductible?
A deductible is the amount you’re responsible for in the event of a covered loss. In most covered loss cases, you are responsible for any amounts up to your deductible level and your insurance would cover anything beyond that up to your coverage limit. For example, if you select a $1,000 deductible and have a $4,200 covered loss, you would receive a claim payment of $3,200 after deducting the $1,000.

A homeowners deductible applies to each claim. If you have more than one claim in a policy period, you will be responsible for the deductible amount for each individual claim regardless of the number of claims you have during that policy period." (Source:

For Immediate Service in Fairfield County

3/29/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Fairfield County provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any-sized disaster. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs. We have the qualified personnel to get the job done, no matter what the size. 

After servicing customers for over 30 years, SERVPRO of Fairfield County has learned just how to handle just about anything. Even if you are not sure if you need professional help, give us a call at (740) 756-7003. We can offer professional advice over the phone.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Faster to Any-Sized Disaster
  • Highly Trained Restoration Technicians
  • A Trusted Leader in the Restoration Industry
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Advanced Restoration and Cleaning Equipment 

Think Spring!

2/29/2016 (Permalink)

It has been a really strange winter, wouldn't you agree? I was outside yesterday enjoying the warm day and I noticed that my pobd fish are active AND that the spring bulbs are coming up!! They are either really confused or they know that SPRING is right around the corner. 

Turkey Day is Near!

11/13/2015 (Permalink)

Turkey dinner is fast approaching!!! Please remember to be careful when preparing the big bird. 

Turkey fryers should be outside of the home and well away from fire hazards.

Please wear appropriate safety gear and stand back when lowering the turkey into the hot oil.

Enjoy, but be safe.


8/28/2013 (Permalink)

We are pleased to announce that our office will be celebrating it's 25th anniversary this August.